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Principles of Finance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Standards of Finance - Essay Example The organization ought to be increasingly inspired by steady incomes in contrast with the complete incomes on the grounds that gradual incomes would mirror the expansion in the incomes from the venture though the organization could in any case be indicating positive all out benefits regardless of whether the undertaking is having a misfortune. In this way it is increasingly critical to utilize the gradual incomes as by utilizing this strategy, the organization would have the option to break down the minor advantages that the task would provide for the organization and on the off chance that the steady incomes are certain, at that point the venture ought to be acknowledged. The organization ought not utilize the gradual benefits since it would likewise mirror the expansion in the bookkeeping benefits from the task instead of demonstrating the incomes. Likewise the absolute benefits or steady incomes ought not be utilized to take capital planning choice in light of the fact that a firm can in any case be in positive all out benefits or positive gradual benefits regardless of whether it is experiencing negative incomes. In this way, utilizing the steady incomes would be the best method for the firm. ... As devaluation is a cost, and in this manner the higher the estimation of the deterioration cost, the lower would be the bookkeeping benefits of the organization and along these lines the lower measure of expense the organization needs to pay consequently devaluation would impact the incomes as such. Part C: Sunk Costs and its Affect On Cash Flows When capital planning methods are utilized to assess the practicality of the venture, sunk expenses are overlooked. The principle center in around the gradual incomes especially the steady incomes after conclusion of assessments as they basically mirror the incomes toward the end the organization would get. Regardless of what the choice has been made on the acknowledgment or dismissal of the task, the sunk expenses would at present happen (Khan, 1993) and this would imply that sunk expenses are not to be considered as gradual incomes. Along these lines fusing the sunk expense in the capital planning strategy would be superfluous. Part D: In itial Project Outlay Initial task expense is the measure of venture that would be required for the undertaking. The underlying cost for this would be: Initial Project Outlay = All costs identified with the Plant and gear including transportation and establishment costs + increase in the working capital due to the venture Here, the establishment and delivery cost is $100,000 Plant and hardware cost is $7,900,000 Increment in working capital is $100,000 So, Initial Project Outlay = $8,100,000 Part E: Differential Cash Flows Over The Project's Life Operating Cash Flow: Â 1 Â 2 Â 3 Â 4 Â 5 Revenue 21,000,000 36,000,000 42000000 24000000 15600000 Variable Cost 12600000 21600000 25200000 14400000 10800000 Â 8,400,000 14,400,000 16,800,000 9,600,000 4,800,000 Depreciation cost $1,600,000

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Video Game violence and the effects it has on children and Teens Essay

Computer game viciousness and the impacts it has on kids and Teens. Arguementative Paper talking about the two sides and picking a side to work with - Essay Example since regardless of whether the computer game portrayed savagery, (for example, the Atari boxing match-up), the game was ridiculous and much tilted away from the genuine experience of the action. ‘Boxing’ included little â€Å"men† with square appendages who battled each other through a progression of redundant developments. (History, 2007) The universe of present occasions has seen a change †for the more terrible. Our young ones have been tempted into their very own universe, one which is loaded up with fear and brutalities. To place it in a careful way, the savagery ‘imparted’ through the computer games is simply a lot to deal with and it is about time a conclusion to this pandemic must be recognized, for a superior and prosperous tomorrow. Today for a gamer, computer games take after simple specks on a screen. By the late 1980’s and mid 1990’s, PCs were getting significantly more remarkable and with the presentation of the Nintendo Entertainment System, somewhat progressively sensible games began to make their imprint. The characters in the games started to take on more â€Å"human† (physical) traits; they really looked human as it were. In the light of an understanding which is reached between the moral standards of computer games and the individuals in charge of issues making major decisions, as of late there have been numerous endeavors to either blue pencil computer games or to confine access to them by kids and youthful crowds. (Prohibit, 2007) Some have even connected rough computer games to a more prominent inclination for homicide. (CBS, 2005) Thus the distinction between computer game reenactment and real reality started its long advancement to the present circumstance wherein the absolute most developed computer game frameworks, for example, the Playstation 3, have top notch illustrations that approach where the characters being constrained by the gamer could be confused with genuine individuals in a film. As computer games created during the 1970’s and 80’s and afterward truly detonated in the 1990’s, various classes of computer games

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Challenge Yourself! - UGA Undergraduate Admissions

Challenge Yourself! - UGA Undergraduate Admissions Challenge Yourself! I was at a swim meet last night watching my son and daughter compete, and I had a chance to watch some amazing athletes. In one 11-12 year old heat, my son was up against a young man whose times were better than some 18 year old swimmers. While it was tough knowing that my son would not win, I also knew that could only improve from this challenge. Would I rather have him race against the 8 year old group and crush them? No way. The way to improve, be motivated and get ready for the future is to challenge yourself. I am guessing you can see where I am going with this. UGA puts a great deal of emphasis on the rigor of a students course work, and wants students who will rise to the challenge and be ready for the level of work in our classrooms. I am not saying go out and take 14 AP classes and make all Cs. My statement has always been to challenge yourself to the level of difficulty you can handle. This is important to UGA applicants because rigor is a major factor in our evaluation, and because overall, it will benefit you in your UGA classes. So go out there and challenge yourself with Honors classes, IB programs, AP course work, and dual enrollment college courses! Do it for admissions, but more importantly, do it for yourself.

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Business Ethics Are An Integral Part Of International Business Strategies - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 10 Words: 3056 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Ethics Essay Type Research paper Did you like this example? This topic review investigates the business ethics and their uneven implementation in international business. Business ethics are an important part of any business strategy of a company. Ethics have been discussed from centuries. Companies represent the people, where they spent most of the time. Some of their actions make many multinational organizations more influential in the world trade. Hence some of decisions taken by organizations, whether they are good or bad affect the companys image in political, social, legal societies. This review has discussion on the behavior of companies. Discussion has examples from different societies and countries. INTRODUCTION: The topic for this research essay is business ethics are an integral part of international business strategies but implementation is often uneven. Discuss using examples from one sector. This topic is broader in its true meanings so for the purpose of discussion, boundaries have to be drawn for better understanding of the topic. International business basically originated from international trade. Trade among nations has prehistoric evidences. Ancient African tribes took dates and clothing for spices and olive oil. In those times trade was among neighboring countries, with the passage of time trade expanded to far away nations. During past centuries Roam, Italy and china were the major trading centers. International business succeeded to the present time when concept of global business appeared. Different societies and countries have different ethics and values. These differences in ethics could be due to religion and traditions. These ethics also have their influence over the cond uct of business. These differences in ethics and values raise problems in the conduct of business internationally. To get rid of these problem companies and industries need universal code of business ethics. The importance of universal code of business ethics became more evident in 20th century due to increase in international investments, franchising, licensing and emergence of multinational corporations. Companies and industries make agreement on transnational standards or universal ethical standards for business purpose, but this does not mean that those standards are implemented as desired. There is a gap between desirable and desired implementation of ethical norms. Desirable means that what is right and good, where as desired means what people actually want to get. Due to this gap, the implementation of business ethics is often considered to be uneven. This uneven implementation is discussed in this research essay, using examples from private sector. How and why organizations have uneven implementation of business ethics. What are the results of this uneven implementation? Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Business Ethics Are An Integral Part Of International Business Strategies" essay for you Create order HYPOTHESES: Following questions were created to specify the research area of the essay: What is business ethics? What is the need of business ethics? How organizations make uneven implementation of ethics in international business? Why the implementation of business ethics is uneven in international business, discussed in examples? What are the results of uneven implementation of ethics in international business, discussed with examples? THEORETICAL BACKGROUND: ETHICS: Ethics are defined as the moral standards of a person or in a collective perspective it examines the moral standards of a society. The study of ethics also asks the questions that how these standards apply to lives, are these standards are reasonable or unreasonable, if they are reasonable then whether they support of good reasons or poor reasons (Velasquez, M.G ,2006,p.10). BUSINESS ETHICS: Business ethics consists of the principles and standards which guide lines in the world of business. Stakeholders of the business like investors, customers, employees, the legal system , interest groups and community decides that whether a specific behavior is right or wrong, ethical or unethical in a business environment. Although these groups may or may not be right in their decision but it true that their decision influence the societys behavior of acceptance or rejection of a business and its activities(Ferrell, O.C et al ,2000,p.6). INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS: Any business which is involved in trade or investment across the national borders is known as international business. In todays world it is not necessarily to be involved in trade of physical products, companies also trade intellectual assets like technology, know how, capital and services across the national border (Cavusgil, S.T et al, 2008, p.4). MISPERCEPTIONS ABOUT BUSINESS ETHICS: Following are major misperceptions regarding Business ethic, Business ethics are related to religion and not the responsibility of management. But its not true because business ethics does not try to change the basic values or souls of people. It only concern with the behavior of people at business place. Most of business managements think that their employees are ethical in their daily life so their actions in business environment will also be ethical. Hence organization has no need to pay attention to business ethics. But the situation becomes much more difficult when business faces complex ethical issues like when a business decision have a significant effect over the stakeholders of the business. Business ethics have major concern with philosophers, academics and theologians. Business organizations have no direct concern with it in day to day activities. Reason behind this misperception is little involvement of business leaders or managers in ethical discussions or lit erature. So many believe that ethics are only for the discussion of philosophers and academics. Business ethics is the lecture given to bad people by good people. But its the reality that good people can also take bad actions, especially when they are working under stress or confused. So managing business ethics is not a preaching but helping others to take ethical actions even under stress or confusing situation. Ethics cannot be managed in a business. Ethics are managed in a business but often indirectly. The organizational behavior or the behavior of the founder / leader has great moral influence on the behavior of employee. Laws regulations and strategic priorities like market share, cutting cost, and profit maximization have great influence over the business ethics. Business ethics and social responsibility is the same thing. But in general social responsibility is one aspect of business ethics. Business ethics involves an application of ethics to the corporate communi ty, a way to determine responsibility in business dealings, the identification of important business and social issues, and an assessment of ethics in business. Where the social responsibility deals firstly with the identification of important business and social issues, secondly with critique of business. Organization is not in trouble with the law, so its actions are ethical. One can be unethical even he operates within the law. For example hiding the information from higher management, making constant complaint about others. Mostly the unnoticed unethical behavior leads to law breaking. (Mcnamara,2010) NEED OF BUSINESS ETHICS: Business ethics gives the directions for making a choice among alternatives decisions and business actions. Mostly it is considered that business ethics have to be ideal. But it is reality that ideals have little relationship with daily life decisions. Ethics offer the way to select among different judgments and actions focusing over the values those actions or judgment will impose latter on in the specific environment of host country. (Kline, J.M, 2010) UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR BY ORGANIZAIONS: A businessmans ultimate objective is to make profit. As Friedman, M (1973) states in an article the social responsibility of business is to increase its profits (p.2). Anything that a businessman can do in the best interest of society is to be a good businessman. It means that they should try to maximize the profit which is the ultimate target of any business. Here is the point when businessmen think that instead of wasting time and resources with ethics they should focus on finance, marketing and business operations. As long as a business is operating within the rules, the only social responsibility of business is to increase its profit with the use of business resources. Concisely it can be said that remain in open and free competition without being involved in fraud or deception (Friedman, M, 1973, p.2). Multinational corporations operate in countries where bribery, sexual harassment, racial discrimination, and lack of concern for the environment are neither illegal nor un ethical or unusual. The company must decide whether to adhere to constant ethical principles or to adjust to the local rules to maximize profits. As the costs of corporate and white-collar crime can be high, both for society and individual businesses, many business and trade associations have established ethical codes for companies, managers, and employees. REASONS BEHIND THE DEVELOPMENT OF UNETHICAL BUSINESS STRATEGY: While developing the strategy for international business, organizations fail to focus over the following point. These the basic reasons for the development of unethical business strategy, Organizations fail make consensus on the objectives for doing business on global scale. Organizations do not involve the person into the strategy development process, who has knowledge of ethics in host country. Unable to realize the importance of ethics during strategy development as a competitive advantage. Organizations lay the base of their policies only on legal requirement and do not consider the ethical values. Organizations do not recruit a person whose sole responsibility is to focus on ethics at international locations. Organizations appoint their employees or experts to fill ethics positions from organizations headquarter who have no experience of host country ethics. Focusing on the few cultural differences rather than acknowledging the many cultural similarities. (The international business ethics institute,2005) EXAMPLE: NESTLE CORPORATION: During the promotion of infant formula in third world countries especially in Africa, the Nestle corporation hired the women and without giving them necessary training, they dressed them up as nurses. Those nurses recommend the formula over breast feeding to the mothers. They convinced that using the formula is sophisticated and looks like western, while breast feeding is old fashioned and third world practice. When mothers get convinced to use infant formula, free samples of Nestle infant formula were given to them. Those free samples lasted long enough to dry up the mothers breast milk due to the lack of use. Now at that stage mothers were forced to purchase the infant formula. The company continued this strategy regardless of worldwide protest. Protesters claimed that chance of getting sick is higher in children who were using infant formula as compared to breastfeeding in third world countries. The company changed its strategy only after years of massive boycotts of Nestle prod ucts by consumer. (Hooker, John, 2003, p.4). DISCUSSION: From the business point of view the companys inflexibility was perfectly justified. Because the major social responsibility of any business is to generate profit by using company resources and operating within legal boundaries. (Friedman, M, 1973, p.2) The company directors had no right to withdraw a profitable and legal product, although innocent babies were suffering due to it, until boycotts changed the public opinion and company started to suffer financially. Although the infant formula itself was not the cause of deaths but the unethical strategy used to promote marketing in third world countries was major cause of those sufferings. Following are four problems that can arise when poor mothers in developing countries switch to infant formula, Infant formula needs to be mixed with water, which is mostly contaminated in poor countries. By using this contaminated water leads to diseases in infants. Due to higher illiteracy rate in those countries, majority of mother did not kno w how to wash the bottle and prepare it for feeding. Nestle write direction for use only in English. So the mothers how know to read in their native language, cannot understand the directions. Even the mothers, who understand the directions, do not have the means to perform it. Due to the lack of fuel. Most of the poor mothers cannot afford the infant formula. So they use infant formula in less quantity as compared said quantity in order to make it last longer. But baby will suffer by this practice because he not getting the required amount of nutrition. Infant formula cannot be the true substitute of breastfeeding. Breast feeding has many natural benefits like, transfer of antibodies from mother to baby, essential amount of nutrition required for brain and nerve development and frequent breastfeeding can also delay the return of fertility in mothers. This can help the mothers of poor countries to space their births. Although Nestle knows that these problems were arising by use of its unethical marketing strategy, but it continued the promotion, until public boycotted its products. (Wikimedia Foundation Inc, 2011) CONCLUSION: Business actions of Nestle in this particular case fall in that category which includes actions that may be legal but can also be said bad. Most of the business issues related to ethics fall in this category. Companies claim that if they do business legally then their actions are ethical. They do not accept the reality that ethics are something more then to obey law. Nestle is among the leading providers of products and services that make life easier for millions of people worldwide. This can only be accomplished through the managers who do the good work. But as said earlier mangers must pay attention to whether they are really doing good business. EXAMPLE: BHOPAL DISASTER: On the night of 2nd December 1984, a pesticide company near the Bhopal (India) released the 40 tones of poisonous gas in to air. 50.9 percent shares of plant were owned by Union carbide, an American owned company. As the white clouds of poisonous gas settled over the sleeping citizen, it burned their eyes and lungs. Many died a little after inhaling the gas, local authorities says that 3000 people died on that night. But these are gross underestimates. According to Aminesty international total deaths were at least 7000. But campaigners say that total deaths in last 20 years are 20000 due to Bhopal disaster and half a million are still suffer with chronic illness. After the disaster Union carbide made an out of court settlement with Indian government and paid $470m in 1989. The families of victims received $550 per fatality as compensation. (Ramesh, 2004) DISCUSSION: A number of factors led to the leakage of gas. The commonality among all of them is that they were all related to cost cutting. Plant was under loss and was running only at one third of its capacity. Before the disaster night, safety auditors pointed out safety concerns. But no action was taken by management. Ultimately on the disaster night, all six safety measures responsible to prevent leakage were either stopped, malfunctioning or were not sufficient, all this was due to the cost cutting behavior of company. This was one perspective of incident. After the accident a major issue was whether the case should be settled in American court as wished by Indian government or in an Indian court as wished by company. The reason behind that was that if case had been in American court, then compensation made to victim families might be many more times than actually it was made at that time. After five years fight Union carbide made an out of court settlement with government of India for $470m. A case is still present against the chief executive of Union carbide. He was released on bail in 1984 and never came back to India. Union carbide left the city in 1999, but tons of chemicals were left behind. These chemicals contaminated the underground water in surrounding areas and are a major cause of diseases in the poor of Bhopal. (Fisher, C and Lovell, A, 2009, p.479-481) CONCLUSION: This case shows that some time multinational companies take advantage from the legal systems of different countries. Because they have the choice over which jurisdiction they want to submit the case. Union carbide took the advantage of Indian jurisdiction and closed the case from its sheets by making a low price deal. If company had to face the similar case in its home country, the payment may be many times higher than they did. However examples of such cases are mostly from developing countries. Those developing countries are more interested in foreign direct investment. So the exploitation or taking advantage of developing countries weak institutional jurisdiction can ethically objectionable. EXAMPLE: THE CHINESE TAINTED MILK SCANDAL: China dairy industry is a major exporter of dairy products. But with the disclosure of tainted milk case in 2007, many countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia and Australia banned the Chinas dairy products. Many other companies who were using Chinas dairy ingredients in their product also recalled products. Sanlu Group is a Chinese dairy product company; in August 2008 it was found that they are using melamine in their dairy products to increase the protein like look. Melamine was added in such a large amount that it caused kidney failure in children. Later it was found in government investigation that 21 other dairy companies were also using melamine in their products. All the contaminated products were recalled and said to be disposed off. Sanlu Group stopped production after the confirmation of contamination. Chinas ministry of health informed the other countries about the presence of melamine in dairy products. Chinas dairy industry suffered badly after this incident.(IBS center for management research, 2011). DISCUSSION: Sanlu Group customer service department received complaints from consumer in December 2007 about babies getting sick after the use of baby formula. But customer service department of company did not report these complaints to executives until May 2008. Later in Jun 2008 Company received complaints regarding kidney stones development in babies being fed the Sanlu baby formula. Again the customer service department did not took notice until the scandal became public in August 2008. After investigation 21 other dairy companies and many government officials found guilty. Companies did all this to meet the high demand of dairy products. In China the demand per capita of dairy product risen from 2kg in 1980 to 22kg in 2004. Companies tried to exploit this high demand of dairy products and to get financial benefits. CONCLUSION: From above case it is clear that business ethics are how unevenly applied in real life. Chinas Tainted milk case has put more emphasizes on the implication of business ethics and norms. This case severely affected the repute of chinas companies. Companies also faced criticism over their late response, as they were aware of contamination but still waited for the investigation report before apologizing. It is also clear from this case that being ethical in daily does not confirms does not a guaranty that one will also be ethical in business environment. Employees of Sanlu groups customer service department were maybe having good ethics in daily life but they didnt perform ethically in business by hiding the information for top executives.

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Invention Process - 893 Words

Invention The invention process to any good piece of literature involves re-thinking and re-writing of initial ideas to improve upon previous concepts. My first attempt at discovering a thesis for the Explaining Relationships Essay seemed to be too broad, leaving me without public resonance. There was not a noticeable struggle through the invention process, because most of the questions asked in the book aiding in invention can be answered without a relevant thesis. Simply exploring the meaning behind my writing was the portion (and most important) part of the invention process I struggled with. For the most part, my own intellect created or invented those initial ideas; however, this lead me to wonder if my paper had any†¦show more content†¦This forced me to invent (and re-invent) thoughts derived from my own mind and the insight of my peers. By consulting my peers and instructor I further developed my ideas without having the influence or urge to copy another writers work. Th e sources I used as works consulted were not that of papers which have the same thesis as mine (as many of my peers were), but simply web pages and articles which helped enforce my ideas. I started my paper with a brief history of what would eventually lead into my topic. To ensure that this information was accurate, I utilized Google as a starting point for research. I also gathered ideas from recollections in my past and proceeded to gather more information on them using common search engines. If more time had been available for the composition of my essay I believe deeper insight into my thesis and support would have key relevance. Many of the examples used in formatting my essay were brief and to the point. While this was sufficient for the time and length constraints, more detail would have further developed and supported my thesis. With the help of my instructor, peers, and self-intellect my invention and re-invention process was a success. A different time restriction might have allowed me the opportunity to perform yet another invention process enabling an improvement to my thesis and essay.Show MoreRelatedUse Of Computing Ethics And Globalization1602 Words   |  7 Pagesgrant generally given by the government of a country certifying that a particular individual or group was the creator of an invention or innovative process. The patent holder is given exclusive rights to their invention for a set amount of time; during this time they have full authority on dicta ting how the invention is used by others. An invention is defined as a product or process that is designed to solve a specific technological problem. 2. History 2.1 Before America The origins of patents in theRead MoreGenetic Discoveries And Intellectual Property Rights1270 Words   |  6 Pageschange, grown, and evolve so has the application of the Canadian Patent Act. Which before was used to deal with inventions that could be shown with prototypes, the Act is now being used to protect more abstract innovations, such genetic material. Patents cover new inventions such as process, machine, manufacture, composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement to an existing invention . Patents represent a contract between an inventor and society. By granting 20 years market exclusivity, patentsRead MoreThe Building Of Cultures By R. B. Dixon989 Words   |  4 Pagesbeginning, a first for all.† (1928, Dixon: 35). In the chapter â€Å"Discovery and Invention†, he takes note to separate creation and discovery (conception) according to â€Å"purpose†, suggesting the two occur as a sequence: (accidental) conception, then (purposeful) creation. He then goes on to discuss the factors of each in detail. Conception is made up of identification, opportunity, and imagination that is appreciated. Invention is either â€Å"directional† or accidental, distinguished as being an improvementRead MoreThe Invention Of Inventors : Inventing Solutions Essay1338 Words   |  6 Pagesproblems. Many people are known for their inventions today and are famous for them and how they changed the world so drastically. Take Thomas Edison for instance; he invented the phonograph, motion picture camera and a longer lasting light bulb. Today, these inventions are seen as simple items and are even taken for granted. However, if we look back in time, we can see just how impactful these inventions were. This essay will discuss the many different inventions throughout history that changed the worldRead MorePatents And The Patent Act Of 19521224 Words   |  5 PagesPatents Patents are government-granted, temporary rights to exclude, awarded in return for an individual’s disclosure of a new useful invention. Patents are granted by the USPTO and last for nonrenewable term of 20 years (Ferrera et al, 2012). Patents grant exclusive rights to exclude others from engaging in making, using, selling of patent products (O reilly, 2007). Online businesses must be aware of other’s patent rights even if they do not copy other companies’ business methods or technologiesRead MoreAncient Chinese Contribution669 Words   |  3 Pagesstill in use today and many led the way for technological advancement that might not have been possible without them. Ancient Chinese four most useful contributions or inventions created are paper, tea, gun powder, and the compass. These four inventions are very different in their own way. Paper is one of the four (4) great inventions of ancient China. Before it was invented, written symbols were scribed on the backs of turtles, on stones or on the bones of animals. It is unknown the exact era orRead MoreParagraph 8 Of The U.s. Constitution1478 Words   |  6 Pageslimited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries† (U.S. Const. art. I,  § 8). A patent provides the inventor with an exclusive right to â€Å"use, license or sell and invention,† (U.S. Const. art. I,  § 8), as such the product, service, process or design becomes the personal property of the inventor(s). The Patent Act of 1793 redefined the subject of a patent that remains in effect today. The Act reads, â€Å"That when any person or persons, being a citizenRead MoreCreativity And The Creative Personality1479 Words   |  6 Pagesstructure of intellect, creativity, creative thinking. The difference between creativity and innovation is that the innovation is the process of translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value. Creativity is the capability or act of conceiving something original or unusual Innovation is the implementation of something new. The invention is the creation of something that has never been made before and is recognized as the product of some unique insight. If you have a brainstormRead MoreChallenges Faced By Companies Of The Bionanotechnology Sector Depending On Their Size. Small Companies1482 Words   |  6 PagesPatents are especially important for startups to attract investment and to negotiate with larger companies during the future acquisition process. There are many key strategies which a Bionanotechnology inventor and a company can follow to protect their inventions even bfefore filing a patent. First, the inventors should refreain from the early disclosure of their inventions and other vital information to the public before filing a patent. Although, US patent law allows the inventor to file the patent withinRead MoreDesigning And Problem Of An Engineer Essay1531 Words   |  7 Pagesare hurt. In order for an engineer to apply their own idea or solution to aid in the solution of a problem within society, they must first patent and claim their own idea. Patents are, in fact, the most important part of the designing and inventing process to any and every engineer. If an engineer were to improperly patent their own design in any way, they may have to face the resulting consequences. There are many ways that engineers can improperly patent a specific innovation. Furthermore, there

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Analysis of Hillberg and Berk Company †

Question: Discuss about the Analysis of Hillberg and Berk Company. Answer: Introduction There are certain strategies that a company focuses to maintain its brand reputation in the market and to gain competitive advantage. The chosen organization for the analysis is Hillberg and Berk founded by Rachel Mielke in 2007 (Hillberg Berk. 2018). It has a personal plan to create world class jewelry with the goal to achieve brand presence in the market. Its goal is to empower women and build strategies that would make its customers loyal. The report will highlight a complete strategic analysis of the organization with specific tools and frameworks namely, value chain, PESTLE, SWOT, Power matrix, Porter's five forces and VRIO analysis which will help to evaluate the overall strategic and company current profile. It will also help to identify certain strategic issues with amended solutions to fix it. The other part of the report will recommend the go-forward strategy to the business when expanding. In addition to it the external vision, organizational vision, mission, values would be further recommended in order to provide Hillberg and Berk with a better opportunity towards performance and collaborative approach. The report will also include a designed balanced scorecard and performance measures to support the strategic imperatives and present the organization with a roadmap to depict strategies and implement them effectively. Discussion: Value chain Primary activities Inbound logistics: it stocks its material in the factory under inventory management. Operations: the company manufactures its jewelry with the help of their women employees to give the customers that are mainly the women, a unique and personalized design. Outbound logistics: The company uses boutique retailers, retailers in location and online store to distribute its product. Marketing and sales: Investments in the national and international women organizations and various effective strategies such online marketing and shopping are adapted (Harmouche, 2017). Service: HB offers personalized jewelry with fine quality. Support Activities Procurement: This is controlled internally by HB Technology: Technology is used in the distribution, manufacturing, polishing and designing departments to enhance the operations at a faster pace. Firm infrastructure: the company works supportively with the suppliers and carries its mission to empower women. Human resource management: The organization provides its employees with several kinds of training and development programme which will induce the employees to develop their skills for the organization growth. Strategic Issues HB is operating with only one product order which can be a drawback as it needs increasing investment with normal sales. SWOT Strength Weakness The company strength lies in its high quality jewelry at competitive prices. Women empowerment Skilful and trained employees Strong brand identity Strong presence over media. Supply chain, in times of rapid growth Inventorymanagement Limited product range Opportunities Threats Diversification in the field of women garments. Innovate and create new jewelry lines Explore ways include freelancers for fresh ideas and designs Expand distribution channel Copy of design collection Competitors as Swarovski, Pandora and Kendra Scott Downturn in Global economy Fluctuations in raw materials Strategic Issues The organization do not have a strong supply chain which is a critical issue if not resolved will affect production and brand reputation. PESTLE Political: the political factors are essential as they play an important role in the operating of the organization. Tax policies, trade control, tariffs, discrimination law, employment laws, health and safety laws and competition regulation are considered by the organization. Economical: Per capita consumption can affect the Hillberg and Berk business and its consumer purchase. Interest rate in banks, production factors, confidence level, consumer behavior and the interest of the consumers are preferred by Hillberg and Berk. Social: People consider gold and luxury fashion products and love to invest in the same. Diamond and gems have become arising interest in the market. Also, several financial schemes that are being introduced in turn of the jewelries are adding importance to the gem and jewelry industry. Technological: Technology solutions are available for production control, supply chain and inventory management. The company have skilled labours and workforce to maintain its value chain. In case to maintain quality production of gems and diamonds technology is enabled in the environment. Legal: the legal issues are the manufacturing laws and regulations of the country that affect the business. Trade laws, taxes and suppliers acts combinable affect the organization. Environment: the organization does not hold any critical social responsibility regarding environment but any how does not even harms the environment significantly. Strategic Issue HB lacks in competing and achieving technology advancement in its processes to bring efficiency and effectiveness. Porter's Five Forces Bargaining power of suppliers: The Hillberg and Berk have low concentration over its suppliers. The added value of the quality of the products matters the most to the customers for which the company increases its investment frequently to maintain suppliers. The organization is a new emerging in the industry for which there are medium chances of bargaining power of the suppliers. Bargaining power of Customers: the HIllbeerg and Berk and the other players o f the industry enjoy low bargaining power of customers. Even the price of the product will increase still the buyers will purchase the product. It is a long-term positive impact on the industry. The choices are limited to the buyer which again ends up paying for the product at available prices. However, the buyer requires quality and customization. The threat of substitutes: There are limited numbers of substitutes regarding designs offered by HB. The designs are made of great quality which later is copied exactly to same design but with low performance and quality. As there is low risk of competitors which enables the customer not to switch to other product easily. The threat of new competitors: As the gems and jewelry industry is a cost assuming industry the threat of new competitors is medium to Hillberg and Berk. There are barriers to entry such as strong distribution network, high requirement cost and a strong brand reputation. Existing rivalry: There are several competitors of HB some are large-scale competitors and some small influencing company's. The riding power of the existing organizations is high as many are established way before the establishment of HB. Strategic Issue HB lacks in making value relations with the suppliers to prevent fluctuations with suppliers power of bargaining. The threat of new competitor is a significant issue that can affect the organizational brand value and market position. Power Matrix Low A Stakeholders/customers Suppliers B Suppliers employees High C Stakeholders/customers Competitors D Newsletters Website Social media High Low Meeting the needs of the customers and suppliers is done by the company to maintain and increase the level of interest in order to perform effectively. It also engages consultant with them to prevent risk to the sales of the product. Hillberg and Berks key players are its suppliers and employees that contribute their efforts to make achievements. The company maintains its relation with the suppliers and engages its employees in decision making. Stake holders and competitors are generally communicated and monitored to make them keep updated with the information of current product and offers. They monitored in terms to make of low influenced to aim to shift them to the right. The organization uses newsletters, a well organized website and properly makes uses of social media such as Instagram, twitter and Facebook to make its customers keep informed. Strategic Issue The organization is less focus towards its suppliers and hence need to monitor its competitors strategy to override the market demand. VRIO analysis Strength/Resources (what are those strength and resources that the organization have that it can leverage on) Valuable Rare Inimitable Organizationally Supported Brand identity YES NO YES YES Personalized jewelry YES YES NO YES Sparkle collection YES YES NO YES Designs of jewelry YES YES NO YES Quality of the jewelry YES NO YES YES Women based organization YES YES NO YES Employee development and women empowerment YES YES NO YES Warranty period of one year NO NO NO YES Strategic Issues The designs offered by HB are not likely to be imitated, but it gets designed in the same complete style which is a drawback for the organization. Recommendations and Implementations Go-forward option along with maintaining creative culture The company should hire leaders that would support the employees to develop new skills and allow them to make smart decisions that will help in the growth of the company as well. Provide the employees with the training skill of using and handling the computer-aided design software, to make the designing of the object in 2D and 3D designs. The company can give a boost to its creativity and design making of jewelry by giving an additional opportunity to the potential women or fresher that cannot work as a full-time employee but can contribute huge quality. This will enable the company to grab freelancers and fresh perspectives of designs. Also, maintaining the organizational culture to empower women. It is highly recommended to Hillberg and Berk to offer for gathering the feedback from its customers and all connected resource suppliers before expanding the business. This enables the organization to understand the requirement of the clients with regard to the local market to be able to craft an effective go-to-market strategy (Macchion, Danese Vinelli, 2015). The work life balance programme should be promoted to provide the employees more space to relax regarding the stress generated from their personal life. It would make ensure that the employees are relief from their personal life, hence would enhance the work attitude and culture of the employees. It is necessary to build an inspired workspace for the employees. Providing wide work space, advanced technology with airy space will let the innovation come out of and develop new ideas. Organizational vision: It is recommended to Hillberg and Berk not to change the organizational vision of empowering women and develop a corporate culture with sustainable business growth. Additionally, the company can add ensuring quality and growth of profit to their vision to make competitive position in the market. Values: External stakeholders are the key elements of success for Hillberg and Berk. It is recommended to gather the valuable insights of the customers, suppliers and even the top management to inspire the growth of product lines. Balanced scorecard Key strategic Objective (that needs to be achieved) Initiative (initiatives to achieve the objective) Measures (how do you measure the achievement) Customer/communities Improve customer retention Customers are to be awarded with various collections of designs to prevent switching to another brand. It can be measured with the growth of sales revenue. Financials Lowering the cost Increasing the revenue By introducing new product line the company would benefit in spreading brand awareness which would lessen the advertisement cost. Increasing supply chain will result into increase profit It can be measured with the growth of sales revenue. Internal Processes/Operations Increase process efficiency Empowering the women Making close working relation with the suppliers will enable efficiency Making training and development programs. Increase in suppliers supply in time. Encouraging women contribution in the organization Organizational Compacity and Technology Improve knowledge and skills Improve tools and technology Introducing CAD program to the employees. Introducing technology in distribution, polishing and cutting of diamonds and gems Skilled employees contributing in organization process. Speed in process. Strategic imperative Acquisition Strategy HB should adapt acquisition strategy to increase growth and revenue. Acquiring retailers will benefit the company to increase its distribution strategy. HB is not a large organization, for which it needs to build its strategy strongly (Cooper Finkelstein, 2014). Increasing business opportunities The company after extending the product lines and by broadening the target can develop a new brand identity. This will also prevent investing more capital to improve brand image. Sales strategy HB should engage in organizing events to display the jewelry collections to the customers. The shows may be of different kinds such as trade fairs, exhibition, craft shows, art festivals and organizing galleries (Ingram et al., 2015). High level implementation The organization should adapt Push and pull strategy to increase customer satisfaction by developing new product lines to increase its market share and enter into new business. The push strategy includes the product development with the help of its resources whereas the pull strategy includes customer feedback/demand to develop the new product (Carrigan et al., 2017). The organization should implement Hallmarking in its jewelry which will enable the organization to build brand reputation and customer loyalty by protecting them against victimization of the jewelry and quality. It will ensure that organization that the designs that are being copied do not harm its reputation. The organization is recommended to reduce its cost without cutting out the quality and making the time lower to design its products by making the close relationship with the suppliers will gradually increase the profitability. The organization always needs to make extra effort towards brand building to stay constantly a strong competitor of the market by promoting more of its consumers interest and attracting them with discounts and gifts. However, adding up all the strategies the organization might invite certain issues such as product failure regarding expanding new product lines. The company would need extra investment into its research of the market and for a new product to introduce. The company would also face tensions when the price of diamond and gems decrease which can be challenging. To increase distribution channels, the acquisition might be a risky part to explore where the acquisition is to be done in the country (Pantano, 2016). Conclusion It can be concluded that HB founded by Rachel Mielke in 2007 was a result of her passion for jewelry design and entrepreneurship. The organization is operated under the maintenance of women, and they drive each of the facility. After completing the analysis of HB with the help of Value chain, SWOT, PESTLE, power matrix, Porter's five forces and VRIO analysis it is observed that the company is mainly focused to empower women with providing various training on skill development and establishing a future for the company. Relating to this mission the organization contributes to several women organizations and charitable organizations. The organization is standing upon its success on the feet of brand loyalty, and it further has a lot of opportunities as building the stronger brand reputation with the help of delivering more qualitative products and designs with the help of its employees. The threat of the organization is its existing rivals that are well established in the market. Howeve r, the organization can adapt to acquisition strategy to acquire local retailers which will in turn help to increase its distribution strategy and revenue growth. Then by increasing the product line by introducing garments for women and men will also help to increase brand awareness without investing much. By putting extra effort and implementing the strategies effectively, HB can increase its impact on the market. References Carrigan, M., McEachern, M., Moraes, C., Bosangit, C. (2017). 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